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Hiring a good photographer

Hiring a Good Photographer

For Your Online Dating Profile

How do you hire a photographer for your new social media pictures?

First,  search for ‘online dating photography’ in your area. Then, look at their sample images and think about these things: 1 – Do you see more than just head shots? People searching online for a date want to see all of you too, not just your face.  2 – Are the images clean, without heavy shadows? Can you see the person’s face and body clearly? 3 – Is the location interesting? It might just be ‘background’ to you, but if it’s too busy it can be distracting in the shot. 4 – Are the poses complementary and natural looking ? As a photographer, it’s not easy to pose people. They want their subjects to look natural, but most people don’t know what to do. The trick is to help them along but not over-direct. See if the shots look casual but real. 5 – Expression. This is key. A person’s expression will make them attractive to everyone.

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